Business Loans

Revolving Lines of Credit:

If your goal is to meet short-term cash needs such as financing receivables and inventory - or simply infusing your working capital - then a line of credit may be the right financing option for you.

Term Loans:

Discover the options we offer for permanent working capital, new equipment or business expansion. Maybe you want to make tenant improvements, need permanent working capital or wish to expand the business, or, purchase new equipment, a new company car or even your own building. Our Term Loans provide you with a fixed amount for one to ten years and can be used for any legitimate business need, such as purchasing real estate, or for operating capital.

RSBA (Small Business Administration) Loans:

Do you need financing for your small business? Have you thought about an SBA loan? Whether you are ready to purchase/construct a commercial building, acquire business equipment/inventory, need working capital to expand your company, looking to buy a business, refinance existing business debt or decided it's time to become an entrepreneur, Bank of Santa Clarita (Bank) can help you find the best SBA loan for your needs. Click here to obtain more information and download applications.

Real Estate:

  • Land Loans
    Bank of Santa Clarita can assist you with the financing of your lot acquisition. If you already have financing and are getting ready to build, a construction loan from us can pay off the land loan and help you get your building project started.
  • Construction Financing
    A construction loan from Bank of Santa Clarita lays a strong foundation for your construction project. From custom-built homes to industrial buildings, retail projects to apartments and small tracts, we offer excellent construction financing. We are dedicated to providing you with competitive terms and responsive service.
  • Commercial Real Estate
    Bank of Santa Clarita offers permanent financing for your commercial or industrial site. We have competitive rates and terms on take-out loans and mini-perms. We will work with you to structure the loan that best suits your business needs.

Equipment & Vehicle Financing:

Auto and Equipment Loans are one of our specialties. Choose from our flexible terms ranging from 36 to 72 months and competitive rates whether you are buying new or used.

Import Letters of Credit:

Letters of Credit facilitate the flow of goods and payments across international and domestic boundaries. They are particularly useful in transactions where buyer and seller face uncertainties over creditworthiness, language, currency differences, or trade practices. Essential for any business that purchases goods from overseas, the Import Letter Of Credit is a conditional undertaking of payment by Bank of Santa Clarita for your account. It assures that your seller will be paid only after they have fulfilled all their documentary obligations. The seller benefits by the assurance that the bank will pay them once they have presented the required documents.

Standby Letter of Credit:

Demonstrate financial responsibility to support open account trade obligations and bid and performance bonds with Standby Letters of Credit. The Standby Letter Of Credit is a way for you to assure payment to a third party through the bank's obligation to release funds when that party satisfies the Standby Letter of Credit terms. We will work with you to assure that the terms of the Standby Letter of Credit reflect the negotiations of the parties. A Standby Letter of Credit can be used for many purposes, including a bid bond, performance bond, or support for a loan or unpaid invoices made on an open account purchase.